The Line Paintings


My art used to be about my inner life but thankfully some things get simpler with age. As that inner life has grown more spacious – The spill-over of it into my art has become more refined. It is enough now to become fascinated with line, color and placement, and any meaning made comes from those elements relating to each other in a shared space.


Still, art being a mirror does reflect my inner life even if not by volition. The truth is that what wants to be expressed has very little to do with subjective narrative and everything to do with emptiness and space.


Color, line and occasionally pattern assert themselves out of a listening for what and where they want to emerge. One might suppose that the line paintings are decorative, but decoration is never at the forefront of my motivation or process. The lines are both subject and object to me. They come from the desire to reduce rather than make meaning. They are born from nature and instinct, the way a flower emerges out of the ground from a seed lying deep below it.


Painting now is closer to how it was for me as a child. I am propelled by the act itself and my disappearance in it— sensing, seeing, placing, and emptiness.


Amrit Rai



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