Line dance, Acrylic on Canvas, 87" X 72"

                                                     Line dance, Acrylic on Canvas, 87" X 72"

" It isn't the artists' job to make things that people can understand.

The objective is simply to be curious and to explore.

Eventually if you are lucky something resonates, feels evocative enough to chase.

Usually there is something self revelatory in it, something below the surface of our conscious awareness.

It is this very "unknown quality" that captivates the imagination, egging us on to explore further.

 We must first cultivate the ability to listen deeply. To sense what may have heart and meaning for us. 

What excites the imagination, has energy, stirs us up in this moment?

What visual relationships and dynamics stimulate an investigation?

We have to trust the process and not try to make a picture.

Trying to make pictures is the fastest way to kill the creative impulse!

Painting, like life itself is lived, surrendered to, discovered...

If we are lucky we catch an unexpected butterfly:

A part of ourselves that lives in a space that there is no other way to touch.

And If we are really lucky then sometimes it touches that space in another as well

and we are both liberated by it. "

- Amrit Rai


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